Team Jaws: Trifling with triplets

Wheewhh, it has sure been a busy few days here in Antwerpen on a computational creativity code-camp for building systems that automatically tell stories! Building a system focusing on computational creativity in a few days is a demanding task, but we (Jaws) think that groups managed to do pretty solid proof of concepts across the board. One thing that caught our attention especially was that several groups did collaboration on making the knowledge handed to us more suitable for their needs.

Stromberg: Final Description and Results

One of the main goals of the Stromberg team's project is to generate stories that portray a typical villain as the protagonist and the villain's typical opponent as the antagonist. For example, the story could be about Darth Vader and his conflict and interactions with Yoda. The second goal is to generate that story based on a flow of sentiments. For example, the story could start neutral, then go bad for the protagonist, then the protagonist bounces back and things end happy for him/her.

Linguistic Analysis

I have been primarily working with the story's structure, its sentences' syntax, the introduction of characters, their motivations, and the descriptions of these characters. I rewrote a number of the more generic and inquisitive closing bookends in order to have endings that fit better with the narrative flow.

Drax's First Plot Flow

Sarah Palin and Osama Bin Laden were from different sides of the political divide.

However, Sarah delivered a humiliating lecture to Osama. Osama spent days insipidly plotting terrorist outrages.

In reaction, Osama hated everything about Sarah. Osama felt his ramming with a hijacked 747 was looking quite weak right now.

Yet, Sarah paid Osama to do what it asked. Osama often remarked, "My, what the moot Conservative you've become, Sarah!"

Osama showed true loyalty to Sarah. Sarah started to notice Osama.


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