Role changer (Team Stromberg)

Our team, Stormberg, we aim to generate stories that change roles between villain and hero. In the stories, sentiment flows were measured in respect to protagonist. The story timeline flows from neutral in the beginning to negative in the middle to positive at the end.
To create satirical dark situation, we created another small experiment of role change. We started from the midpoint with a negative actions and then we expanded our story both sides. From a selected negative actions, we developed series of actions based on Tony's midpoint dataset. Now from the series of actions, we chose a pair of exampler and we performed a role changer on them. We created a small set of data manually for role change.

refugee -> playboy
believer -> politician

We used a hashtag as a gist of the story.

Story Example:
1. Ophelia was a blossoming rose ready to be plucked. Ophelia only had eyes for Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent ran off and left Ophelia behind. Ophelia yearned for a kind word from Harvey Dent. Ophelia was persona non grata to Harvey Dent. Ophelia threatened violence against Harvey Dent. Ophelia was down for the count but would soon rise again


  1. Judge Judy Sheindlin had certainly earned Saddam Hussein's wrath this time. Saddam Hussein freed Judge Judy Sheindlin from its prison. Judge Judy Sheindlin knocked Saddam Hussein off the top of the heap. "Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa" grovelled Saddam Hussein. Judge Judy Sheindlin treated Saddam Hussein as the most hideous wretch. Saddam Hussein rebuffed Judge Judy Sheindlin's efforts at reconciliation. such mockery is very bad for the ego but ultimately it is good for the soul


  1. Michelle Obama felt like a can of soda that had been shook too vigorously. Michelle Obama's trickery went unnoticed by Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini. Michelle Obama was not the fool that Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini imagined. Michelle Obama took over the position once occupied by Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini. Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini put Michelle Obama on a very high pedestal. Michelle Obama pulled Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini's strings. thereafter Michelle Obama carried Michelle Obamaenito Mussolini's secret to the grave; that is what trust means after all


Future ideas:
While selecting characters, a feasibility check between characters based on their properties can make the story more realistic.
A computational way to find out role changers.

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