Le Chifre - Interactive story

“Mr. Darcy was walking in a kindergarten. Inside he encountered Miles Davis playing his jazz saxophone without his hippy shirt. Mr. Darcy felt content.”

This is the point at which begins the interactive “choose your own adventure” aspect of our program. You choose how the interaction with this mentor (Miles Davis). This can get very dark or very strange (you can fall in love with your mentor, attack or kill your mentor, or even get backstabbed by your mentor in the process. This relationship evolves until you reach a final stage (being inspired by him). At this point there is no way to interact such that it becomes impossible to progress: even if you kill your mentor, they can come back as a ghost and inspire you. A specific interaction follows this moment of inspiration, sending the hero (Mr. Darcy) on his way to encountering the shadow/villain figure (Tim Burton):

“Miles Davis urged Mr. Darcy to whack Tim Burton using his trumpet blow-pipe and admonish him that he was violent and racist. Finally he begged Mr. Darcy to shove off.”

The order of these sentences varies, always ending with the hero being sent on his way towards his or her encounter with the final boss.

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