Drax Team Plan

This is what we're trying to accomplish with our story: evoke a breadth of emotion that results in a pleasurable experience. Good stories aren't always just happy stories. People want to experience a range of emotions. Our stories are designed to take the reader on a journey through highs and lows, sometimes ending in a high (success) and sometimes a low (tragedy).

The story flow idea allows a character A to progress through a series of actions with character B that affect character A either for good or bad to create the desired flow. This flow, for example, might be as follows:

  1. Story begins with action that is neutral for A and B (e.g., A interviews B)
  2. Something good happens to A (e.g., B trusts A)
  3. Something terrible happens to A (e.g., B was lying to A)
  4. Something great happens to A (e.g., A forgives B)

Our plan is to
A) Annotate the NOC list with -1, 0, 1 for each character (indicating whether they are a "good guy" or a "bad guy")
B) Create a new Spreadsheet called "Draxberg's Action Polarity" with same keys as Idiomatic Action File annotated with -2 to 2 for both character A and B
C) Create a generic story flow where flow is a parameter that can be arbitrarily defined to create different flow

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