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Stromberg: Final Description and Results

One of the main goals of the Stromberg team's project is to generate stories that portray a typical villain as the protagonist and the villain's typical opponent as the antagonist. For example, the story could be about Darth Vader and his conflict and interactions with Yoda. The second goal is to generate that story based on a flow of sentiments. For example, the story could start neutral, then go bad for the protagonist, then the protagonist bounces back and things end happy for him/her.

Team Stromberg: Inverting the underdog

Our goal is to tell an underdog story where the protagonist starts out as weak or unaccomplished and bad things happen to him/her, but then triumphs in the end. However, the twist is that the story is told from the villain's point of view and it is the villain that is the underdog. Part of our plan is to add to the NOC list a column indicating whether a character is good, bad, or neutral. We also need to annotate sentiment to actions in order to make sure that bad things happen in the beginning, but then good things happen at the end.

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