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Drax's First Plot Flow

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Sarah Palin and Osama Bin Laden were from different sides of the political divide.

However, Sarah delivered a humiliating lecture to Osama. Osama spent days insipidly plotting terrorist outrages.

In reaction, Osama hated everything about Sarah. Osama felt his ramming with a hijacked 747 was looking quite weak right now.

Yet, Sarah paid Osama to do what it asked. Osama often remarked, "My, what the moot Conservative you've become, Sarah!"

Osama showed true loyalty to Sarah. Sarah started to notice Osama.

Yet Another Drax's Story

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"I'll find you wherever you go" warned Bane.
In spite of this Bane found out where Harry Potter was hiding.
The effect of this was that Harry escaped from Bane's clutches.
Still Bane chased after Harry.
Yet, Harry stood up to Bane.
Bane thoroughly respected Harry.
So once again it's a case of all's well that ends well; let's hope the settlement holds.

The Next Drax Story

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Dr. Evil had a knack for getting others to do things.
Still Shrek trusted Douglas implicitly.
Yet, Douglas crucially underestimated Shrek.
As a consequence, Shrek took over the position once occupied by Douglas.
Still Douglas looked up to Shrek as a role model.
However, Shrek pulled Douglas's strings.
Would Shrek use his newly consolidated power over Douglas Evil wisely? Or squander it foolishly?

Another Drax's Story

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Obi-wan Kenobi had invested big-time in George McFly. (are_disappointed_by)
For this reason, Obi wan hurled insults at George.
The effect of this was that George hated and despised Obi wan.
Still Obi wan rescued George from a dangerous situation.
For this reason, George worshipped the ground beneath Obi wan.
Obi wan became a source of inspiration for George.
Thereafter Obi-wan Kenobi nurtured a growing resentment for George McFly and sought to ruin George McFly's career.

Drax's Second Story

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Second iteration: varied sentence openers and improved index to triples

Marriage was always in the cards for Juliet Capulet and Edmund Blackadder.

However, Edmund Blackadder completely deceived Juliet Capulet.

As a reaction to this, Juliet Capulet filed for divorce against Edmund Blackadder.

Nevertheless, Edmund Blackadder furtively followed Juliet Capulet everywhere.

For this reason, Juliet Capulet stabbed Edmund Blackadder.

In spite of this Edmund Blackadder came back to haunt Juliet Capulet.

Drax's First Story

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Marriage was always in the cards for Hugh Hefner and Derek Zoolander.

But, Derek Zoolander stole Hugh Hefner's thunder.

But, Hugh Hefner imitated Derek Zoolander's style and adopted it as its own.

But, Derek Zoolander heckled Hugh Hefner with cruel jibes.

But, Hugh Hefner hurled insults at Derek Zoolander.

So, Derek Zoolander shut Hugh Hefner up.

So, Hugh Hefner grew to resent Derek Zoolander.

Drax Team Plan

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This is what we're trying to accomplish with our story: evoke a breadth of emotion that results in a pleasurable experience. Good stories aren't always just happy stories. People want to experience a range of emotions. Our stories are designed to take the reader on a journey through highs and lows, sometimes ending in a high (success) and sometimes a low (tragedy).

The story flow idea allows a character A to progress through a series of actions with character B that affect character A either for good or bad to create the desired flow. This flow, for example, might be as follows:

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