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BLOFELD - second story

Mickey Mouse had always cut an impressive figure
Peter Pan practically worshipped Mickey Mouse
Peter Pan looked up to Mickey Mouse as a god
Peter Pan adored Mickey Mouse as a god
Peter Pan saw Mickey Mouse as nothing less than a god
Mickey Mouse filled Peter Pan with inspiration
thereafter Peter Pan followed Mickey Mouse's shining example and reached for the very top"

From Twists to Characters!

The most interesting aspect in a story is the twists and conflicts, I think. The challenge is in finding which characters fit a given twist.

From the information provided in the "Veale's script midpoints" sheet we can retrieve a list of twists and exemplars for each twist. However, these exemplars are not mapped to the characters in the NOC list.

Drax's Second Story

Second iteration: varied sentence openers and improved index to triples

Marriage was always in the cards for Juliet Capulet and Edmund Blackadder.

However, Edmund Blackadder completely deceived Juliet Capulet.

As a reaction to this, Juliet Capulet filed for divorce against Edmund Blackadder.

Nevertheless, Edmund Blackadder furtively followed Juliet Capulet everywhere.

For this reason, Juliet Capulet stabbed Edmund Blackadder.

In spite of this Edmund Blackadder came back to haunt Juliet Capulet.

Drax's First Story

Marriage was always in the cards for Hugh Hefner and Derek Zoolander.

But, Derek Zoolander stole Hugh Hefner's thunder.

But, Hugh Hefner imitated Derek Zoolander's style and adopted it as its own.

But, Derek Zoolander heckled Hugh Hefner with cruel jibes.

But, Hugh Hefner hurled insults at Derek Zoolander.

So, Derek Zoolander shut Hugh Hefner up.

So, Hugh Hefner grew to resent Derek Zoolander.

Some useful code for loading a triple file (in tab-delimited text format)

// Load the action sequences from the give file
	protected void loadActionSequences(String filename)
		FileInputStream input;

		try {
		    input = new FileInputStream(filename);
		catch (IOException e)

Team Stromberg: Inverting the underdog

Our goal is to tell an underdog story where the protagonist starts out as weak or unaccomplished and bad things happen to him/her, but then triumphs in the end. However, the twist is that the story is told from the villain's point of view and it is the villain that is the underdog. Part of our plan is to add to the NOC list a column indicating whether a character is good, bad, or neutral. We also need to annotate sentiment to actions in order to make sure that bad things happen in the beginning, but then good things happen at the end.


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