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Another story

Eliot Ness paid well and expected absolute loyalty in return. Rick Deckard finally caught up to Eliot Ness. Rick Deckard finally tracked Eliot Ness down. Thereafter Rick Deckard kept Eliot Ness on a very tight leash indeed; Eliot Ness was never truly free again.

A Cautionary Tale by Dr No

Steve Jobs was a master with lessons for all.
Kal El became a dedicated student of Steve, but Steve Jobs reprogrammed his brain with dogma.
Thereafter Kal El was as good a soldier for Steve Job's cause as anyone: unthinking and loyal.
For this reason exploitative people are also commonly know was businessmen.

Yet Another Drax's Story

"I'll find you wherever you go" warned Bane.
In spite of this Bane found out where Harry Potter was hiding.
The effect of this was that Harry escaped from Bane's clutches.
Still Bane chased after Harry.
Yet, Harry stood up to Bane.
Bane thoroughly respected Harry.
So once again it's a case of all's well that ends well; let's hope the settlement holds.

The Next Drax Story

Dr. Evil had a knack for getting others to do things.
Still Shrek trusted Douglas implicitly.
Yet, Douglas crucially underestimated Shrek.
As a consequence, Shrek took over the position once occupied by Douglas.
Still Douglas looked up to Shrek as a role model.
However, Shrek pulled Douglas's strings.
Would Shrek use his newly consolidated power over Douglas Evil wisely? Or squander it foolishly?

Rupert Murdoch was a bossy CEO

Michael Schumacher was a charismatic leader who attracted hangers-on.
Rupert Murdoch became an enthusiastic follower of Michael Schumacher, but Michael Schumacher and Rupert Murdoch had a massive argument.
Thereafter Michael Schumacher and Rupert Murdoch could never agree on anything; but at least they respected each other.
So if you’re searching for somebody bossy, look for CEOs.

Spy Vs Py

Soooooo... We managed to create our first story chain!! And it makes sense, Hooray!

"[('spy_on', '3.0', 'are_discovered_by'), ('are_discovered_by', '3.0', 'beg_forgiveness_from'), ('beg_forgiveness_from', '5.0', 'are_killed_by'), ('are_killed_by', '4.0', 'haunt'), ('haunt', '4.0', 'are_exorcized_by')]"

more soon...

Love Goldfinger

XDDDD (blofeld random story)

it was unwise of Matt "Daredevil" Murdock to piss Thor Odinson off"
Matt "Daredevil" Murdock delivered a crushing defeat to Thor Odinson"
Thor Odinson raised Matt "Daredevil" Murdock into an adult
Matt "Daredevil" Murdock caught Thor Odinson and held it captive
"Matt "Daredevil" Murdock testified against Thor Odinson in open court
Thor Odinson was not as dumb as Matt "Daredevil" Murdock imagined
Matt "Daredevil" Murdock formed a competitive relationship with Thor Odinson

Another Drax's Story

Obi-wan Kenobi had invested big-time in George McFly. (are_disappointed_by)
For this reason, Obi wan hurled insults at George.
The effect of this was that George hated and despised Obi wan.
Still Obi wan rescued George from a dangerous situation.
For this reason, George worshipped the ground beneath Obi wan.
Obi wan became a source of inspiration for George.
Thereafter Obi-wan Kenobi nurtured a growing resentment for George McFly and sought to ruin George McFly's career.


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