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Review of the 2016 Code Camp in Antwerp, Belgium

The 2nd PROSECCO Code-Camp was held in Antwerp from April 6th to 8th, 2016

After the success of the first code-camp held in Coimbra, Portugal in 2015, PROSECCO organized a second international code-camp on Computational Creativity in the city of Antwerp, Belgium in April 2016. The local organizers of the camp were Lucas Nijs of the Sint Lucas School of Art and Walter Daelemans of the CLiPs Natural Language Processing group of the University of Antwerp.

Some useful code for loading a triple file (in tab-delimited text format)

// Load the action sequences from the give file
	protected void loadActionSequences(String filename)
		FileInputStream input;

		try {
		    input = new FileInputStream(filename);
		catch (IOException e)

Scealextric: Building Stories from Dramatic Plot Tracks

We often think of stories in terms of journeys and paths. Indeed, the classic metaphors for taking about plots are fundamentally path-based, so we talk of dramatic "twists" and unexpected "turns" in a story. Some stories are explicitly about journeys, and are often filmed as road movies (like Easy Rider and Dances with Wolves). Quest-based stories involving a search (for a ring, the holy grail, etc.) are also explicitly about the path from start to end.

Persons of Interest: A new Knowledge Base for Building "Creative" Bots

I have recently released a large knowledge-base (approx. 30k triples) of pop-culture facts and figures for the PROSECCO code-camp in Coimbra, with the intention of also using that knowledge for automated tweet generation and story-telling. This note describes the current state of the knowledge-base (which I call the NOC List, for Non-Official Characterizations List, in a nod to the McGuffin in the first Mission Impossible movie).


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